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If you are Dynamics 365 Business Central Customer, and your Procurement team are going through the below day to day challenges and concerns then you need to explore our Dynamics Vendor Portal. More than 10% of an organisations operating revenue is spent on establishing Supplier & Procurement team relationship and communications woes.

  • Manual Process: Manually Manage RFQ, PO, and vendor details and Updates manually in the ERP
  • Communication– spending time over the phone/email for Supplier queries, updates, amendments, status, Statement of Account and Payment reconciliations
  • AP Process: Delayed response from the vendor for the invoices, site/Store on the GRN/Stock updates, and missed communication to accounts for AP process

The Dynamics Vendor Portal is a collaboration component designed to help manage vendors with an easy, flexible, seamlessly integrated and highly secure Self-service portal solution to streamline the collaboration with vendors, simplify the tasks and improves the accuracy of business transactions with vendors, procurement team and build a more engaging business relationship.

In the Digital Transformation world, CETAS Vendor Portal , enhances the capabilities of Dynamics 365 by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal. Tightly Integrated with Dynamics, the self-service portal provides your suppliers with the means and visibility of real-time information and eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks including constant Vendor inquiry calls and manual data entries. It lets vendors work with Requests for quotation (RFQs), purchase orders (POs), invoices, Price and lets them access parts of their vendor master data, receive real-time updates on the Order status, Payments, GRNs, Stocks, Invoices, and Statement of Accounts.

The portal ensures secure user authentication and administration, vendor onboarding, automate vendor communication, and lastly real-time dashboard offering the building blocks for collaborations and establish the relationship with workflow-driven notifications and approvals, and analytics, thereby helping you reduce back-office efforts.

By integrating seamlessly into your new or existing NAV/Business Central System, Vendor Portal gives you a real-time, automated, global view of your procurement & Supply chain, allowing you to manage and monitor the performance of your supplier network and immediately impact your bottom line.

Vendor portals present an extension of your organization as you can brand the portal to your vendors with your logos and extend your corporate branding from your website to a secure Vendor Portal.

In summary, our Vendor Portal available for Cloud and On Premise deployment, provides a more efficient way to communicate and an improved customer-vendor relationship.



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