Jet Reports

Reporting and business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

 Jet Reports

Jet Reports is an integrated suite of reporting and business intelligence tools that range from individual ad-hoc reporting to enterprise level reporting and business intelligence. The Jet Reports suite is written in Dynamics 365 and for 365 so it is the most tightly integrated reporting and business intelligence solution for your Dynamics platform.

Jet Reports

Whether you are an individual who needs to create your own reports, a department or small business owner who is responsible for the performance of your business or an executive, you can find the right offering to match your needs.

Jet Essentials

This is an Excel add-in that provides full operational reporting across multiple databases and companies.

Jet Express

Developed through a strategic partnership with Microsoft - Jet Express offers Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users a simple, no-cost way to create financial and ad hoc reports in Excel.

Jet Enterprise

A complete Business Intelligence solution that delivers a data warehouse, pre-built cube set and data warehouse automation platform. Jet Enterprise enables each user to analyse metrics instantly, without knowing the underlying database structure.


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