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Automate the entire Accounts Payable Process with Continia DC


Automated data capture

Continia Document Capture is the best and most comprehensive end-to-end add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics that scans, extracts OCR-data, registers, posts, and archives all types of documents with full-text search capability.

PDF files are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses and processed using award-winning OCR technology - with no user involvement at all. Paper documents are scanned using a desktop or network scanner and follow the same flow as PDF files.

All relevant information on documents is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, making it fast and efficient to register incoming documents.

Invoices in XML-format already contain all the necessary information and do not require OCR processing – you can simply import these using Continia e-Documents Import

Invoice processing and management

Continia Document Capture streamlines processing and managing purchase invoices with a wide range of new features such as automated vendor detection, documents overview, inward registration and much more

Using 3-way matching, invoices can be matched automatically to existing purchase orders or receipts, as well as approved and posted if amounts are within predefined thresholds.

Approval workflows for everyone

Approving invoices can be done either directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or online using a web browser - enabling everyone in the organization to access the approval workflow. Approvers can see the original invoice on the screen and either accept, reject, place it on hold, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments and attachments can easily be added too.

With Continia Web Approval Portal, all employees with no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV gain the same opportunities to approve invoices and other documents. No matter where the employee is located, all that is required for accessing and approving documents is internet access.

Access documents from anywhere

The digital archive in Continia Document Capture contains all PDF files and scanned documents, which can easily be accessed from relevant places in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can open the original PDF invoice from the posted invoice card or general ledger entry screen in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The digital archive is fully indexed which mean you can search for any text on documents, even if the information has not been transferred to a field in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This makes it possible to search for a specific reference number, serial number or any other information on purchase invoices and other documents.



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