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Visual Production Scheduler by Netronic

This add-on is particularly useful for manufacturing companies as it provides a graphical dashboard to view production orders, due dates, resource workloads and bottlenecks all on one page.

The graphs are interactive, so you can take immediate corrective action with a mouse click. For example to change a production order date you simply drag and drop it onto the new date. Or to extend the timelines, simply extend the date as you would in Microsoft Outlook. A warning will be displayed if changing an order exceeds other resource capabilities.

It is easy to use so extensive staff training is not required.

A number of views are provided:

Production order for production planner or sales person

  • Production order status
  • Production number
  • Work/machine centre

Resource for production planner

  • Work
  • Machine centres

Histogram for production supervisor or planner or plant manager to focus on capacity bottlenecks

  • Work
  • Machine centres

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