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Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) products drive sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence and campaign management. They can be installed in the cloud, on-premises or even a hybrid combination.


What many Dynamics NAV customers don’t realise is that it comes with a comprehensive suite of CRM modules including:CRM Manager

  • Interaction Log phone calls, emails and meetings directly in the customer/prospect contact card. This data is visible to your colleagues so that they are more informed when talking to clients
  • Outlook integration Easily integrate Dynamics NAV with Outlook and Microsoft Exchange communication. Emails, tasks and meetings associated with your contacts are automatically stored against their NAV record
  • Opportunity and pipeline management Track your sales funnel all the way from initial opportunity right up to closing the order using NAV’s pipeline management tools
  • Marketing campaigns Reach a larger audience using campaigns to sell more
  • Segmentation Campaigns can use segment filtering to create groups containing people with the same traits such as sex, age, date of birth
  • Contact management Store all customer and prospect information and contact profiles under one contact card



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