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10th May 2021

CRM Driven Profitable Business Growth

Customer Relationship Management - How to Drive Profitable Business Growth

Sales teams now more than ever need to provide real-time, personalised experiences that reach customers in order to achieve CRM Driven Profitable Business Growth. Businesses need to provide relevant conversations across platforms, responding to and even anticipating customers’ ever-evolving needs. In today’s digital world, there are many terms being used around the “Customer Relationship” from Customer Engagement to the Customer Journey and the Customer Experience. Though Customer terms may take many forms and shapes, ultimately, at the heart of any business - is where the “Customer Relationship” is king and should be your number one priority.

The Customer Centric buzz words are all so topical - but why is it so important, and what does it really mean? What does the customer experience really look like in action, when you are in business and trying to connect with your customers today?

We already know a lot about the customer journey - how it’s made up of numerous touch points, from searches, pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase engagement and interactions. We know that providing a good customer experience at each of those touch points is critical to building and maintaining a solid reputation for your brand and the customer relationship.

Positive customer experiences and journey are all about driving your customers to engage in your brand and to create positive customer interactions. There is a direct correlation between companies who have a solid Customer Relationship Strategy and increased Sales Performance, Revenue & ROI.

CRM Driven Profitable Business Growth - Some of the key CRM Strategies & Benefits include:

  • Building long-lasting relationships - with your customers through timely, relevant, and personalised touch point communications & interactions.
  • Customers reporting greater experiences and relationships - are more likely to upgrade and add additional services.
  • Improving customer loyalty - Loyalty from customers comes from excellent customer service. Customers who receive a personalised experience will return to buy more in the future, than disconnected customers.
  • Business investment in better customer engagement systems and processes - is directly reflected in ROI Revenue. Higher customer satisfaction ultimately results in increased revenue.
  • Creating a competitive edge - A well-planned Customer engagement strategy allows you to deliver a consistent customer experience that helps create your USP’s and business differentiation for greater customer retention and attract even more new customers.
  • Meaningful customer engagement - is the best way to stir up the positive emotions that keep customers coming back.
  • Take a Walk in Your Customer’s Footsteps - Try to connect with your customers on an emotional level and improve the customer engagement
  • Hear what your Customers say about you - Listen to the Chatter!
  • Deliver seamless cross-channel customer experiences - with effective Customer Relationship Management.
  • Establish a CRM Roadmap & Ground Rules - Ensure company-wide buy-in from key decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • User Adoption - Implement User-Adoption best practice procedures.
  • Investing in the right CRM - Customer Relationship Management Solutions are a significant leverage for ROI Revenue. B2B companies identify the customer experience as the product of meaningful customer engagement - as the single most exciting opportunity for their business in the digital transformation landscape.

A recent study by Constellation Research reported that companies who improve the Customer Relationship Process can increase cross-sell revenue by 22%, up-sell revenue by 38% and order size by 5% to 85%...

Why not start your Customer Relationship Journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Driven Profitable Business Growth. Today’s Customer Relationship Management is about developing new digital transformation strategies to deliver enhanced Sales Performance and ROI.

Simply Dynamics are delighted to announce another great success story with the launch of their new Dynamics 365 CRM Business Unit due to customer demand and driving further expansion within the business. At Simply Dynamics, we help our Clients’ Success Stories with Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions.

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