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20th October 2020

Why you should seriously consider upgrading to Business Central v14

In a recent blog here we explored the different options when upgrading to Business Central. One of these was a Low Cost express technical upgrade. This route means that, for a small investment, you move your core app from NAV to Business Central and lay the foundations for a fuller upgrade later on. This express technical upgrade option only allows you go as far as Business Central v14.

There is news on this front! V14 was only supposed to be available to NAV customers until October 2020 but Microsoft have just announced they have extended this by another year to October 2021. This means that any NAV customers, who are active on a Software Assurance plan, are still able to avail of BC14 licences and the associated technology enhancements.

Why should you do it?


  • Price: This is a low-cost option, typically taking between 3 and 5 days depending on the complexity of your NAV installation.
  • Free Users: No catch – for each concurrent NAV user on your existing licence you get 3 named users on the Business Central licence. Even better, this does not increase your annual Software Assurance plan.
  • Return on Investment If you have been paying your Software Assurance it means you are entitled to free licence upgrades – you may as well take advantage of this and get a return on all this investment.
  • Buy Time for Modifications: What we know about traditional NAV sites is that a lot of them have heavily customised the application down through the years. This means that it can cost a lot to upgrade all these modifications. With a tech upgrade to v14 it means you can gradually, over time, move your mods over to the new AL environment, or else replace them with either standard functionality, or, off the shelf addon apps.
  • The new Modern Client: Business Central runs the new modern client, it looks like an app and is simple and intuitive. With v14 you can move users to this experience, but you also have the option of running the old Role Tailored client if you want to move some users over more gradually. From v15 onwards your only option is the modern client and the old client is no longer available
  • Technology Compatibility: If you are running an old version of NAV you might soon start to run into problems with compatibility – typically this presents itself when you upgrade your version of Windows or Office and it isn’t compatible with NAV.

What Now?

Talk to Simply Dynamics today to see if a move to BC14 is right for your organisation at this time. Our upgrade team is hugely experienced in moving people from NAV to BC. We have completed many successful projects and work collaboratively with our clients to ensure a successful delivery model. We believe it is the best move overall but we know that every company is unique so we will review your options and recommend the best route forward.


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