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9th September 2020

Simplifying User Permissions in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Permission Sets in Business Central control who has access to what on your ERP system, for example giving the salesperson access to sales table data but not to purchasing functions. One of the common complaints in other financial management systems is that it is a little cumbersome and drawn out to set up these user permissions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a handy tool to make this process of setting up user permissions more straightforward. Moreover, you can also be confident that once you set up someone’s role you won’t have to re-visit it due to someone not having access to an area they clearly needed.

In this blog post we will briefly show you how to set up permission sets in your Business Central. For the purposes of the demo we will set up permissions for a user so that they can create a sales order.

Step 1: Open Permission Sets by searching in the Search Box and clicking as shown below.

Open Permission Sets

Step 2 : Once the Permission Sets page opens, click “New” and now give your new Permission Sets a name and description, as shown below

Give your new Permission Sets a name

Step 3 : Remaining on the Permission Sets page, now follow the following steps

  • Click “Permissions”
  • As per below screenshot tick the “Add read permission to related tables”
  • And now if you are ready click “Start” to start recording your permission set
  • A dialogue box will open and ask if you want to start recording – click “Yes”

Step 4 : Back to your sales order list and create the sales order as normal. Once this work is done you are ready to stop the recording.

Sales Order

Step 5 : Now return to the Edit Permissions page and click “Stop” to finish the recording. You will be asked if you want to add the recorded permissions and say “Yes”

That’s it, all permissions are now added to the set including whatever tables, pages or codeunits are needed to create the sales order. You now just need to assign this permission set to the appropriate users.

Stop Recording



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