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7th September 2020

Eurobase and Simply Dynamics: A Focus on Efficient Delivery

Eurobase is an Ireland-based supply chain and order fulfilment firm, specialising in highly accurate and fast delivery of products across Europe.

With three distinct business units making up the operation – PCB assembly, general assembly, and logistics – staff were spending an increasing amount of time dealing with bottlenecks in order fulfilment. This was largely due to the use of legacy standalone systems and a lack of integration between them.

These factors, along with the growth they had experienced, led the company to explore Microsoft Business Central. The aim was to replace the legacy systems with one integrated software system to streamline their operations and provide customers with an improved overall service.

To accomplish this, Eurobase worked with Simply Dynamics, a Microsoft Gold Certified ERP partner, who specialises in delivering systems that optimise how supply chain and logistic environments operate.

The result was a pick-and-ship accuracy of 99.9% in addition to significant resource, time, and money savings across the business.

The Problem

Eurobase had grown through three specific service offerings. However, given the increase in activity, the shortcomings of standalone systems the team had in place were becoming more obvious.

While the systems they had did work, they were pushing against the limitations of non-integrated software packages. This meant they could only process customer requests as quickly as their teams could work around the gaps between the systems.

With a lack of automation throughout their order process, Eurobase was reliant on the knowledge and experience of key individuals within the business. This meant if one of these more senior members of staff was ill or on leave, operations could easily slow down unless information was shared with the wider team – which wasn’t always possible.

It was clear that data had become siloed – there was no central place to access reports relating to everything from order confirmations to profit analysis of shipments. Data ownership and oversight was dispersed right across the business.

All of this culminated in bottlenecks for customer orders, which left Eurobase keen to overhaul the way information was stored and shared, and meant the company needed to invest in a stable technology solution which would allow them to scale and grow in line with customer needs.

The Solution

Eurobase’s team understood that integration and automation were key to solving their day-to-day issues – and would also allow them to expand quickly without the growing pains they had already experienced.

The team were meticulous in their approach to onboarding a provider who could offer a solution that fit with Eurobase’s wider operational needs.

Given Eurobase’s size, the team needed to minimise both hardware and software costs – making the cloud migration the obvious way forward. In this way, they’d also benefit from advanced data security, be able to give employees the right levels of access, and could scale capacity on-demand. A phased approach to installation was also needed, to minimise business risk and disruption.

To support team operations, Eurobase wanted to install barcode production and scanning equipment on site, so the solution deployed would also need to integrate with the software used. This was a crucial step in efforts to improve accuracy and customer delivery requirements.

For these reasons, Eurobase chose Microsoft’s Business Central platform, and selected Simply Dynamics as its Microsoft Partner as they were well versed in ERP systems; specifically within a 3PL environment.

The Microsoft Partner

One of Ireland's largest Microsoft Business Central providers – and a Microsoft Gold Certified ERP Partner – Simply Dynamics has a multinational presence. Specialising in ERP, BI, and Microsoft SQL Server, the company delivers cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid solutions.

As Simply Dynamics focuses purely on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and works exclusively on this platform, the team has vast experience in delivering it across different business models and functions – including logistics and supply chain, all the way through to accounting and finance.

The Result

Before using Microsoft Business Central, Eurobase had started to struggle – given the lack of integration throughout the business’ IT platforms. Now, thanks to the company’s own efforts and support from Simply Dynamics, Eurobase can provide customers with a more accurate eCommerce offering – one which is also faster end-to-end.

By reducing the steps required to achieve each business activity, Eurobase has cut back the number of tasks many team members were wrestling with on a daily basis to meet client requirements.

Because of this, Eurobase is now able to make a bold customer commitment – that they will process and ship the same day – providing an order arrives before 1pm.

Being able to work around order spikes in real-time not only prevents bottlenecks, it means the team can achieve more with their current team rather than hire temporary staff at busier times of year.

Order accuracy has also increased through the use of barcoding. Including customer errors from orders, Eurobase is now able to hit 99.9% accuracy – an improvement of almost 2%. Whilst this figure might not sound huge, the cost savings alone (mostly from avoiding reshipping) are very tangible.

Thanks to additional functionality in the new system, Eurobase can also handle product assembly, warehousing, eCommerce fulfilment, and financial reporting from a single solution. They also use Power BI extensively to retrieve operations information, to communicate 3PL stock, and when sending order handling statistics to customers.

Looking ahead, Eurobase now has the tools in place to continue its growth, using the very best technology on site and in the cloud – thanks to Microsoft Business Central and with ongoing support from Simply Dynamics.


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