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9th September 2020

Take Control of Your Financial Performance with Fast and Controlled Budgeting

Excel-Mania” Has You Questioning the Value of Your Budgets

Without any tools to design, share, and approve a budget for small to midsize businesses, most organizations resort to Excel-based budgeting to manage these processes. Unfortunately, disparate spreadsheets can’t be regulated and manually compiling and reconciling those numbers becomes a full-time job.Fast and Controlled Budgeting

  • Excel might be a familiar tool, but the lack of control over manual data entry, versions, and format standardization often results in errors, inconsistencies, and inaccurate projections.
  • With all of your time and resources spent sorting spreadsheets and reconciling numbers, less time is left to spend building and executing an effective budget and fiscal plan that drives performance and growth.
  • Budgeting in silos has led to a lack of transparency throughout your entire budgeting process, with no visibility, communication, or insight into what other managers allocate.
  • Without the technology to merge your budgets and actuals together, you don’t have the ability to approve budget numbers based on facts, assess company performance or dynamically adjust your goals as needs change.
  • All of your manually compiled budgets are disparate from your financial system or ERP, making it difficult or impossible to report on budget to actual and variances.


Build Accurate Budgets in a Fraction of the Time with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Budgets

Get more value from your fiscal planning processes with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Budgets together, designed to help you create, manage, and collaborate throughout the entire budgeting lifecycle. With an intuitive Excel and web-based user interface, Jet Budgets makes it easy to build budgets, control inputs, track workflow, and drive strategic decisions based on realistic and accurate figures.

  • The only all-in-one solution for budgeting and reporting built to work with Excel and Microsoft Dynamics
  • User-friendly, web-based interface that makes it easy to build, organize, and report on budgets through a centralized platform
  • Managed, governed spreadsheets for complete version control and confidence in the numbers you report
  • Automated, scheduled workflows to keep the complex budget process organized and on track
  • Flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets to meet changing fiscal needs
  • Easy to setup, fast to implement, and built to instantly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics


Accelerate and Simplify the Budgeting Process

Jet Budgets with Microsoft Dynamics offers you a quick and effective way to manage spreadsheets, assign budgets, communicate status, import into your financial system, and accurately report on actual-to-plan. Instead of waiting days and weeks, Jet Budgets can be installed within hours – so you can start setting up your budgeting workflow immediately!

  • Pre-Built, Customizable Budget Templates
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates
  • Intuitive Web Portal with Familiar Excel-Based Interface
  • Built-In Collaborative Platform
  • Accessible from Any Device
  • Instant Upload into Microsoft Dynamics ERP System



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