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6th April 2020

Should I upgrade from NAV to Business Central & What are the Options?

Why should I upgrade my business software?

Business dynamics change - the technology that suited your business growth plans 5 years ago probably doesn’t suit today. There is an associated cost with upgrading, but can you afford to ignore modern workplace needs such as access on mobile devices, the Cloud , inbuilt business analytics, eCommerce and social business capabilities?

Survey - Why companies upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics technology.

In 2017, a study from the Aberdeen Group found that 55% of businesses choose to update their financial management software because they wish to ‘take advantage of new functionality’. Some of the other reasons included:

  • The new version offers enhanced ease of use – 29%
  • The new version is more flexible – 27%
  • The performance of the old version is inadequate – 26%
  • The vendor no longer supports the old version – 22%
  • The old version is incompatible with emerging technologies – 20%

What are the Upgrade Options?

Technical UpgradeClean Start UpgradeFull Upgrade
Upgrade MethodYour NAV client and service tier are upgraded but your back end database and customisations are left in the old NAV version.Upgrades all data to the latest version (including custom tables) but does not include any code customizations.Brings all, or selected, customizations and data forward to the latest version.
Best Use CaseThis is an ideal way to get people used to the modern platform without doing the full conversion (for NAV 2013 or later users only).When the customer has a large percent of customizations that are not used or that have been replaced by standard functionality.If you like what you have and just want to future proof or avail of new features then a Full Upgrade is what’s needed.
BenefitsA low cost and easy to do option that will give you all the benefits of the modern technology that comes with Business Central.This means your Dynamics system will be a standard offering, giving you more flexibility with future upgrades or with moving to the Cloud.Like for like - everything in your old version of NAV will migrate to Business Central

What Next?

Microsoft have recently announced that this V14 is now only available to NAV customers until October 2021. This means that any NAV customers, who are active on a Software Assurance plan, will only be able to avail of BC14 licences and the associated technology enhancements until October.

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