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6th April 2020

Delivering Dynamics ERP Projects during COVID-19

Although we in Simply Dynamics are all working from home, we are still working on projects and delivering end to end Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions. Such a change from the old days implementing NAV on premise using traditional delivery methods - thankfully things changed in recent years because otherwise we would all be stuck at home unable to work!

What changes have enabled this new(ish) way of working? We think some of the primary changes are as follows;

  • Microsoft Teams :
    Of course remote control software was always there and served its purpose in allowing remote installations and remote support, but Microsoft Teams has changed how we can deliver services. Teams is an inexpensive part of Office 365 and allows full collaboration including document sharing, video conferencing, chat from anywhere and online meetings/training. As well as setting up Teams to include our internal staff we can also set up a Teams group that our customers can participate in. This all gives us the ability to roll out Dynamics 365 from anywhere (even our homes) to anywhere.
  • Cloud :
    Everyone is probably tired of hearing about the Cloud at this stage, but it is an important factor is simplifying ERP project rollouts. This is because it has removed the old clunky expensive server from the equation and hence taken out one complex factor in the rollout equation.
  • Microsoft Click Once :
    In the past Nav used to have to be installed manually on each pc, and updated and patched on each pc. We also had to worry about the impact of installing NAV on an old pc and if the pc user had sufficient privileges to install applications. Click Once changed all this with simplified rollouts and made them much easier to manage remotely – it is now what is termed a “low impact” installation.
  • Extensions and Addons :
    Gone are the days of complex customisations and bespoke development – which often crippled ERP installations when we were trying to turn a perfectly good system on its head to try make it look like the old software we were replacing. Today, with modern development tools (Extensions) and Addons, we don’t modify the Dynamics app any more, we simply plug in external apps to enhance Dynamics and enable it meet customer needs out of the box. Hence, we don’t need to be onsite for endless User Acceptance Testing to see what impact complex customisations might have on other areas of their new system. It also means the Go Live is a much more straight forward event, negating the need to have consultants onsite to support it.

If you have a requirement for new finance software don’t let the “lock down” put a hold on things. We can still roll out a new system for you – due to the fact that people may have less operational duties at the moment it may even be a good time for you to evaluate and purchase Dynamics 365 and be ready for when things return to normal.



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