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11th December 2019

Dynamics 365 Business Central - All Has Changed

To borrow a line from W.B. Yeats, “All Changed, changed utterly – a terrible beauty is born”.

We recently saw the release of Business Central R15 which is truly the first version of the new generation of ERP technology from Microsoft. Previous versions of Business Central were effectively hybrids that still gave you the option to doing things the “old way” but no more, with R15 we have moved into a new era of cutting edge development platforms and modern life cycle policies.

Changed - Extensions, the new development model : One of the joys of your ERP system is that you can modify its core functionality so that it works to suit your business rather than the other way around. This is the case with all ERPs (not just Microsoft) . Traditionally, the downside of all these modifications was that when it comes around to upgrade time you are faced with an expensive and very time consuming task – meaning that people often postponed upgrades for years and continued running on old software.

Microsoft have taken the lead and changed all this - from now on, when you make your customisations to the ERP system these changes do not modify the core Microsoft Dynamics App. Instead the mods layer on top of the Microsoft app and hook into it. The end user doesn’t notice any difference but the fact that your individual changes sit on top of Business Central rather than within it means you can now plan to upgrade every year with confidence.

Changed - The new Modern Life Cycle Policy : Microsoft will now be releasing a new version of Business Central every 6 months. These new versions will enhance the product functionalities and capabilities. Support for each version will run for 18 months and the expectation is that within that period users will have upgraded to the next version.

So gone are the days of having to run on 10 year old versions of your ERP. Microsoft have now enabled companies to always run on cutting edge modern and secure technology – this applies whether you are on the Cloud or On-Premise. Simply Dynamics will be rolling in automatic yearly subscription upgrade options in our support plans, giving you peace of mind that we will take care of your ERP.

Beautiful - But not so Terrible! : The modern Business Central client is based in a web browser, looks appealing, is easy to work with and behaves like the other Microsoft applications that you are already used to. It will be continuously upgraded and secure.

Talk to Simply Dynamics today and see how Business Central can change the way you think about ERP software.



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