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11th February 2019

Power BI and Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, users now benefit from Microsoft’s ready-made Power BI charts & KPIs, already built within Business Central and ready to use to help you analyse your business metrics.

Business Central is the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship ERP solution, previously known as NAV. It is available either in the Cloud or on premise. Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics tool that enables users to create their own reports and visualisations using their self-service business intelligence tools.

Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud, Power BI comes as standard with Business Central content packs., Power BI retrieves your financial data and builds out of the box reports and dashboards based on that data.

Power BI & Dynamics 365 Business Central - Simply Dynamics

To enhance this service, Simply Dynamics have built ready to go Sales, Purchase & Inventory cubes. This means we have interpreted your complex ERP data and presented it to Power BI in logical cubes which make it easier for end-users to understand & manipulate their raw financial data. The result is that when you are building your dashboards you are looking at meaningful data with the non-key information set aside.

Once you have your visualisations done, you can then publish them, collaborate with your team, and share insights inside, and outside, of your organisation.

One other key feature is that your Power BI is not limited to reporting on Dynamics 365, it can also connect to other software apps and data sources. So, if you have other systems in use, you can now build a single report that analyses your data from multiple applications. This can be especially useful when you first move to Dynamics 365 - you can use Power BI to report on the financial data in your legacy software so your sales history analysis is not left behind. Talk to Simply Dynamics today and discover how Dynamics 365 and Power BI might be able to benefit you or, alternatively, go to and try it out for yourself.


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