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10th September 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Edit in Excel

Great article from Steve Jones in Bond Consulting

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite1, there are many great features included with the Office products. One of these features is the Edit in Excel functionality. Edit in Excel allows users to export data from Business Central into Excel to either mass update or analyze transactional data.

For example, if you need to update the payment terms for several customers you can use the steps below:

Open the Customers window.


Select “Edit in Excel” under the Home Tab.


Open the downloaded Excel sheet “Customer Card”.

Click on Enable Editing within the Excel sheet.

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Authenticate with your Office 365 login.

The data will be retrieved and your customer list will be populated.


Here you can go ahead and find the field that you would like to update and make your change.

Ex: We are changing all the customer payment terms to “30 DAYS”


Once you are done making your changes, click on the “Publish” option in the Microsoft Dynamics Office Add-in window.


The system will retrieve the changes and write back to the Business Central. Once completed, you should receive the message below.


You can then close the Excel workbook and confirm that the changes have been made within Business Central.


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