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3rd July 2018

How to track user activity in Dynamics NAV 2018 – Change Log

How to track user activity in Dynamics NAV 2018– Change Log

When you set up NAV 2018, as part of building Role Centers, you assign permissions to individual users or groups of users. This allows you to determine who can access what areas of the system, but what it doesn’t do is enable you to figure out exactly who has made a specific change. It may be necessary to do this because you need to identify who exactly has made a change and when the change was done. For example, someone might have changed the credit limit for one of our customers or taken a customer off hold/block and now they are able to make purchases when they should not have been allowed. With Dynamics NAV 2018 you can track who has made changes to a table in NAV or even to a specific field within a table.

In this “how to” article we will show you how to set up the NAV Change Log but we will also point out the pitfalls of misusing the NAV Change Log functionality.

Turn on Change Log

To enable the Change Log you need to navigate to Departments, Administration, IT Administration, General, Tasks & Change Log Setup. Now, tick the option box to enable the functionality.

Change Log - Simply Dynamics

Now click the Tables button and browse through the table menu until you find the relevant table. You now have the option to track changes on insertion/modification/deletion of data in this table. You will most likely want to monitor a particular field within the table. In the below example we have selected to track modifications to the “Credit Limit” field in the “customer table” – this means each time anyone changes a customer credit limit NAV will now keep track of who made this change and when it was made. Once you are happy that you have tracking in place in the areas which are important, you now need to restart NAV for the Change Log to kick in.

Change Log Setup - Simply Dynamics


How to view who made the change


Change Log Entries


To view the Change Log results, click Departments, Administration, IT Administration, General, Change Log Entries. As you can see below, on 11/7/17 the credit limit for customer number 0111212 was changed from zero to €1,000, the person who made the change is identified in the “user ID” column below.

Exercise Caution!

Be careful to use this powerful feature very selectively and only in areas that really matter to your business. The reason for this is that for every field when you turn on Change Log you are effectively creating an event for each change someone makes to your NAV database, thus it means your NAV database will grow at a serious pace! So use it wisely.



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