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11th April 2018

Make Power BI Fast, Easy and Usable in Minutes

The buzz building around Power BI is exciting, but now you need to figure out how it fits into your Microsoft Dynamics reporting and analytics strategy. Most importantly, in order for your organization to get meaningful, consistent results and value from the robust visualizations Power BI offers, your data must be in order. And, if you are going to empower users in the company with the ability to build the dashboards they need, your data must also be accessible and organized.

We have your answers.

Jet Enterprise is a fast, flexible corporate analytics and reporting solution that is uniquely designed to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics data with Power BI instantly and deliver a ready-to-use, secure, organized data warehouse platform.

Join Simply Dynamics and Jet Reports on 10th May 2018 to learn:

  • How to get data, from any combination of sources, available in Power BI in minutes.
  • How to make Power BI plug-and-play from day one.
  • How to instantly access your Microsoft Dynamics database to create rich visualizations in Power BI
  • How to save weeks of time by eliminating the data modeling required with traditional Power BI deployments
  • How to reduce the time it takes to continually get accurate and controlled data by up to 80%
  • By attending you’ll receive a special offer valid until May 31st, 2018


We’ve helped over 154,200 users gain fast, flexible, and accurate analytics.


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