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15th January 2018

Simply Dynamics named Irish partner for Soft4RealEstate

video-boxBased on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Soft4RealEstate is the market leading software application to help commercial, retail and mixed property management companies manage all aspects of their business.

What does Soft4RealEstate Do?

Every property company wants to have full occupancy all of the time and keep the vacancy window between leases to a minimum. Soft4RealEstate is both a front office and back office solution to fully manage all of these aspects. Front of house it manages all areas of the sales process - everything from taking a lead or enquiry, to checking availability of units , generating quotes, managing pipelines, closing business, and generation of lease paperwork. Back office all the information that has been generated in the sales process results in invoices, payments, KPIs and contract renewals.

What does it look like if I don’t have Soft4RealEstate?

Companies who do not have a system like Soft4RealEstate will be managing these front and back office activities on separate systems - this leads to data duplication, errors and generally an admin nightmare for the people trying to run the business. These disparate systems also make it very hard for business owners to get a real-time picture of where things are at any given point in time.

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Soft4RealEstate is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, which is an ERP system being used by over 100,000 companies globally with a large partner network and comes with a 10-year support guarantee from Microsoft. As well as handling your Property Management requirements, Dynamics NAV will manage all aspects of the business, everything from accounts payable, accounts receivable, stock control, fixed assets, project accounting and reporting.

What Next?

If you are a property management company based in Ireland or the UK and if you need a solution to manage your properties, talk to Simply Dynamics, a Dynamics Gold Partner, to discuss how Soft4RealEstate might be able to work for your business.


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