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5th October 2017

Why you should consider moving your NAV to an Azure Managed Service

Dynamics NavThese days, more and more of your IT functions are part of a managed service and are being looked after by a trusted partner. This is especially true for small & medium businesses, which, as it happens, is the space that Dynamics NAV fits into.


According to Gartner, a managed service provider (MSP) “delivers network, application, system and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises, using a ‘pay as you go’ pricing model”. This is attractive to SMEs because often these companies do not have an in-house IT person and so running your IT as a managed service means taking away the headache of having to worry about monitoring & maintaining it yourself, and, of course, it can also lead to your IT budget being more predictable and easier to forecast.


Let’s have a look at how most companies used to do things when it came to their ERP solutions;

  • Traditionally the model was that you bought your Dynamics NAV application up front, paid a vendor to implement, and paid yearly support and software assurance fees. In addition to this, you also needed infrastructure to run your Dynamics software on, a server and backup system, which, again, you purchased up front and budgeted to replace every 4 or 5 years.
  • The traditional mind-set was also to customise and modify your Dynamics NAV as much as needed, often purely to allow you to use your software the same way that you used your old software, without giving a lot of thought to the consequences down the line when it comes to upgrading.

The advent of cloud computing has opened the door to doing things a little differently - now you have the option of outsourcing all that headache to Simply Dynamics and for a simple monthly fee you can;

  • Have your NAV hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform - no more server purchase or replacement
  • Includes your Dynamics NAV & SQL licences - no more large up-front software purchase
  • Secure backup of your Dynamics NAV – no more tapes or online backups
  • Technical support included for both NAV and your Azure server in the monthly cost, everything under one roof – no more blame games

In addition to the peace of mind offered by this new approach you are also benefiting from using a highly resilient and world class IT setup on Azure, something that would not be affordable for any SME to implement in their office locally.

Mind-sets have also changed with the move to the cloud. Nowadays companies are trying to minimise the amount of customisations and are instead using the marketplace to purchase a NAV addon to meet their niche requirement – thus protecting their investment and ensuring simpler and cheaper upgrades going forward.

Talk to Simply Dynamics today to get details on our Dynamics NAV managed service and see how it could benefit your business.


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