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9th December 2016

The benefits of joining the eCommerce movement


Guest blog from Eleanor Walsh, Regional Manager UK and Ireland, Sana Commerce

Whether you already have an e-commerce solution or have just started looking into it, you already know getting e-commerce right can be difficult.

However, if your company has Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, then happier clients, smarter sales and a better business partnership with your customers are within reach. Here are some of the benefits of joining the eCommerce movement.

Happier clients

No matter how you sell, there’s one constant - it’s all about the client. If they’re not happy with your products and services, then they won’t remain a client for long.

If you set up a web store integrated with your Dynamics NAV, you’re not just helping your sales department – you’re helping your clients as well by making their lives easier. They are able to place orders whenever they want, from wherever they want (as long as they have an internet connection, of course). That’s the kind of service that will keep them coming back.

This approach has proven successful for Labelmaster, a Sana Commerce client. When Labelmaster first started selling online over ten years ago, the company did so to meet the demands of its customers. And thanks to its current setup of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sana Commerce, Labelmaster is able to keep up with customer expectations and remain a valued partner for its clients.

Our customers have very high expectations with respect to their e-commerce experience. It was critical that we found a platform that gave us the functionality and flexibility to escort them through their journey of engage, learn, find, select and buy.” Robert Finn, VP of Marketing, Labelmaster

Smarter sales

Joining the e-commerce movement can be a huge help to your sales department. An integrated web store doesn’t just cut down on the number of incoming calls – it automates a lot of administrative processes too.

Sana Commerce is a truly integrated e-commerce solution. It communicates directly with your ERP system, without having to go through complex interfaces, or needing to replicate business logic and data. All changes made in your ERP system are immediately visible in your web store, and all web store orders are sent straight to your ERP system. No human intervention is required.

Better partnership

An integrated online sales portal is more than just a way for your clients to efficiently buy your products, and for you to efficiently process orders. It enables transactions and makes it easy to share knowledge.

Your NAV-integrated web store lets your clients see the latest and most accurate product information, straight from Microsoft Dynamics. This makes it easier than ever for them to make informed purchasing decisions. You can also grant your clients access to their entire order history. By giving your clients all the information they could possibly need, you move from supplier to business partner, empowering your clients and helping them do the best possible business.

Joining the ecommerce movement

Register for our webinar to learn more about how you and your customers benefit from integrating ecommerce with your Dynamics NAV ERP system.

joining the ecommerce movement


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