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25th October 2016

Ransomware - sure that won't affect me!

Ransomware - sure that won't affect me!

You've probably read lots of statistics about the prevalence of ransomware these days. At this point, you may not even believe the half of them. Except that they are all true. It is becoming more common and companies are being hugely affected by it.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

The malicious software is typically found in a downloaded file, but can also enter through a network vulnerability. The Irish Times stated that 20% of Irish companies have already been hit by ransomware. The Guardian reported that almost 54% of UK businesses have been targeted with a ransomware attack.

ransomwareAnd what you may not know is that the ransomware software can also attack your backup. So you might think you are safe because you have a backup, but the only backup for this type of hack is one that is off-site and offline.

Once you have been affected by ransomware, the hackers then demand a payment, typically in Bitcoin, in exchange for handing over the encryption keys. Ransom amounts range from a not so bad €500, to a much worse €50,000.

The impact can be huge - creating a negative image for your company as well disruption to your organisation. Some other impacts of ransomware are:

  • Brand and reputation damage
  • Corrupted or lost data
  • Lost revenue
  • Financial loss associated with ransom as well as cost to restore systems
  • Customer trust diminished

One of the latest emails that has been catching people out is one claiming to be from a transport company. The email says that the transport company tried to deliver a package and urges the recipient to go to a website to download a form in order to get the package delivered. Yes, it's as simple as that to get malicious software through your IT front door. In fact, there was recent string of cases in Australia where USB drives loaded with ransomware were posted through peoples front doors.

And, there's no guarantee that you will regain access to your files and systems upon paying the ransom.

To help prevent being attacked by ransomware, remember to

  • Update your browsers
  • Use only legitimate websites
  • Ensure operating systems, malware and anti-virus programs are up-to-date

And of course, don't click on dodgy links.

Are you confident that your Dynamics NAV security measures will hold up against this type of threat? Have you tested your Disaster Recovery plan? Simply Dynamics can help and advise you to ensure the impact of a ransomware attack is minimised.


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