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13th June 2013

SD survey: 64% of food industry investing in IT

Simply Dynamics survey find 64% of food industry investing in IT to improve traceability

  • 50% said the majority of their traceability data is still recorded using paper systems
  • 62% don’t have access to real-time information across their supply chain
  • 80% made no changes to their internal traceability processes in light of the recent horse meat controversy70% will be implementing new IT systems to gain better reporting capabilities

Recent research, carried out by Simply Dynamics with senior executives in the food production and distribution industries, found that 64% of companies are investing in IT systems that enable access to real-time information across their businesses. While 62% don’t currently have access to real-time information across every step of their supply chain, all of those surveyed can track and trace a product batch across their own premises within 48 hours.

Of those investing in new IT systems, 70% highlighted greater reporting for traceability as the main driver behind the move.

The Simply Dynamics survey was co-sponsored by Emydex and Safefood 360. The survey was carried out in light of the recent horse meat controversy, to examine the Irish food industry’s future plans to manage the large amounts of financial, production, distribution and safety data they deal with on a daily basis to ensure traceability.

80% of respondents made no changes to internal traceability processes following the controversy.

Ger Foskin, CEO of Simply Dynamics commented, “We were surprised to find that half of those surveyed still record the majority of their traceability data on paper-based records and not on their IT systems. In the case of a crisis, having real-time access to all the relevant traceability data will ensure the source of the problem can be quickly identified and any necessary actions can be implemented immediately.”

“In addition, in order to remain competitive and make effective business decisions, managers need to have all the most-recent data to hand at all times. “

“The Irish food industry has a very strong reputation worldwide in terms of its commitment to quality and standards. The majority have had very stringent policies and procedures in place for many years in relation to traceability and food safety. Innovations in technology are making it easier for them to improve on these systems, make more-informed decisions and provide faster resolution to any issues.”

“It is very positive to see so many organisations investing in IT systems that will enable them to continue to advance the high standards that have become expected of them.”


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