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23rd January 2013

Dynamics NAV and traceability for food producers

In today’s marketplace the requirement for traceability has moved on from simply satisfying government regulation. Food production companies, shops and restaurants now feel it is essential to perform audits themselves. Why, you might ask. It’s simple, they want assurance that if they were called upon because of a food safety problem that they could stop the problem before their name brand is damaged and their reputation ruined. These problems are expensive and cause some companies everything, including the business itself.

Recalls happen for various reasons; food can be contaminated at many different steps – on the farm, in processing or distribution facilities, during transit and at retail or food service locations. A recall can also take place because an allergen isn’t listed on the food label or the food was contaminated because it came in contact with an allergen at some point during processing, foreign materials may be found in the batch or, regulations weren’t followed. However, all products are required to have a specific lot number that would allow for the product to be returned to the supplier if such an event occurred.

These regulations require backward/forward traceability of all products and their packaging; you must provide the following information during an audit: the name, address, phone, fax number, email, lot number or other identifier of the product or ingredient and the type of packaging and quantity per lot of the Company’s plant that had the product or ingredient immediately before you. You must have the date that you received it from that supplier. You are required to have the same information from the transportation company that delivered it to you along with the bill of lading number and the mode of transportation. You are also required to provide the same information when you ship the product to your customer

Dynamics NAV records and retains:

  • Records raw ingredient supplier data: lot number of product and packaging, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, date of receipt, transportation carrier, bill of lading number and mode of transportation
  • Records all relevant QC test data and retains the information permanently
  • Records samples data and retains the data permanently
  • Records shelf life and expiration dates of raw materials and finished goods
  • Records location of inventory
  • Records dates of receiving, movement, transfers, picking, staging, production
  • Records allergens
  • Records lot number changes as the product is produced; while tracking each lot number of stated ingredients
  • Records of all relevant production activities, tests, inspections, analyses, incubations, evaluations and records of all scheduled processes applied to each batch and actions taken in relation to under processed foods shall be maintained
  • Records Finished Good shipment data; lot number of finished good product and packaging, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, transportation carrier, bill of lading number, mode of transportation, date of delivery and COA if applicable
  • A complaint management system for handling complaints, investigation of complaint and resolution or recall of complaint



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